Treat feet to wearable masks

Summer sandals stand out more on summer prepped feet…and to keep up this pampering feat why not indulge in the two new foot care innovations from Masque Bar, the UK’s largest Korean mask brand.  

Treat feet with the ultimate at-home foot pamper experience with the wearable foot masks. 

Starting with the Gentle Exfoliating Foot Mask (£9.99 for one pair), which works as an exfoliant and soothing treatment due to its chamomile and natural fruit extracts. Wear these for 60-90 minutes, then remove and rinse feet with warm water. Rough skin will begin to peel off in four to seven days after, and in a further three to five days, all the rough skin will be removed. 

The Intensive Moisturising Foot Mask (£9.99 for two pairs) contains nourishing shea butter, apple extract and peppermint, which help to restore moisture to the driest of skin as well as soften cracked feet and heels. Simply wash feet with warm water and apply masks (as if they were socks) and leave for 20-30 minutes, remove and gently rub in the remaining essence. 

The Masque Bar’s wearable Foot Masks are available at larger boots.

Masque Bar Foot MasksMasque Bar foot masks 2