Sugarcane Tubes wins Award


RPC M&H Plastics scooped-up the Packaging Innovations ‘Innovation Showcase’ Award for 2018 for its flexible tubes created from sugarcane biopolymer.

The Awards took place at Packaging Innovations Birmingham 2018 and were voted for by attendees at the show.

Alongside the award-winning sugarcane tubes, RPC M&H Plastics are now able to offer bottles created from the sugarcane biopolymer! The biopolymer has the same characteristics as traditional HDPE and can be blown in any of its existing 5000+ standards or used to create custom moulds.

The sugarcane biopolymer allows a packaging product to potentially be carbon negative, with 3.09 kilograms of CO2 being removed from the air for every 1 kilogram of biopolymer produced.

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