Second time around!


Continuing to care about the wellbeing of the planet, Origins is offering its free ‘Return to Origins’ beauty recycling service at all its counters in the UK.

Collaborating with WasteCare, Origins will happily recycle all empty beauty products no matter what brand it is. Simply take the empties to your nearest Origins counter and they will guarantee that the product packaging will be entirely recycled.

The materials are washed, shredded and made in to plastic pellets, which are transformed in to items such as new bottles, containers, street signs and even stationery.

Since 2010, the ‘Return to Origins’ programme so far has recycled over 2.1 tonnes of beauty empties.

For Earth Month (April 2019) any customers who recycle at Origins will be given a seeded pencil together with a free Origins ‘Plant Good Ideas Everyday’ Tote Bag with every purchase.