Scentered’s Holiday must-haves

Scentered has introduced a new Travel Essentials Aromatherapy Balm Duo containing Sleep Well and Focus. Both are are 100% natural aromatherapy balms designed to harness the power of pure essential oils in a travel friendly, non-liquid, spill proof formula…goodbye plastic bags!  

Scentered’s best-selling, deeply therapeutic Sleep Well Therapy Balm combines fourteen different essential oils in a sophisticated oriental floral lavender fragrance, to help relax the body, and clear the head for a restful and restorative sleep.  

Focus Therapy Balm is perfect to fight travel fatigue, due to its refreshing, crisp, green herbal blend with rosemary leaf, peppermint and clary sage, and will awaken the senses and focus the mind. Focus is also a great alternative to caffeine for beating the mid-afternoon energy dip as well as jet-lag. 

To reap the benefits of these balms just apply to pulse points, or inhale deeply counting slowly to three…mood reset. 

Scentered’s Travel Essentials Balm Duo contains a Sleep Well Balm (5gm) and a Focus Balm (5gm) and retails at £24. Buy online from 1st August

 Scentered Travel Essentials Balm Duo Hi Res

Scentered Travel Essentials Duo