Scent in the right direction: THE MIGHTY NOSE AWARDS

The Fragrance Foundation UK has announced the opening of its The Mighty Nose Awards. This annual competition is aimed at Key Stage Two pupils (aged 7-11) to encourage them to take an aromatic approach to creative writing, and invite them to write their own smell-inspired poems giving the chance to win prizes for themselves and for their schools.

Whether it is inviting children to develop their use of simile and metaphor in English by writing smell-inspired poems, or learning about history through the stinky aromas of the past (Ancient Egyptian Mummification anyone?), structured activities incorporating fragrance and smell can truly support and inspire pupils of all abilities.

Once the poems are written these can be entered by post or email. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, 30th November 2017.

Teachers can sit back and relax while Richard E. Grant guides you through your very own workshop here.


Entries are now open and entering The Mighty Nose Awards is easy. So click here for everything you need.