Room Scents

AlessandroAlessandro Agrati, Founder of Culti Milano, the company renowned for bringing together Italian design and luxury home fragrances for the past 25 years, paid a visit to London to introduce the new ‘OFICUS scent to its luxury collection of 14 exquisite and niche scents. 

‘OFICUS is focussed around the fig, the powerful energy of its roots, the sweetness of its fruits and its distinctive green leaves. However, its relaxing notes of vanilla combined with sandalwood, has been created to leave the body and soul in complete harmony. 

CultiAll the fragrances in the Culti Milano collection support each other in order to create your own bespoke fragrance. And, according to Alessandro, 3,000 different fragrances can be achieved with the range of 14 scents. All the ingredients used to create this collection are natural, but with the addition of alcohol this is the only ingredient that takes away its 100% natural claim. 

CULTI MILANO first discovered and introduced rattan sticks to the world of home fragrance in 1990. The sticks allow the fragrance to be released in all of its intensity, with a steady and constant diffusion of the brand’s exquisite perfumes.

‘OFICUS is available exclusively at Harrods in 500ml (£75) and 1000ml (£105).