Pop singer embraces scar

Perrie Edwards, from pop sensation, Little Mix, has revealed that she ‘hates’ the scar on her stomach following an operation on her oesophagus. However, recently she has bravely been displaying and embracing her scar on her stomach.  

The 24 year old singer often tries to hide the scar beneath her outfits, which runs from her chest down to her stomach. “Living with scarring can be an emotional challenge, something that many of us have experienced,” claims Perrie. “When I was little, my oesophagus was too small, so I had to get it operated on to help me eat properly. I had to have lots of operations, so that’s why I don’t like to show it,” she adds. 

A survey by the UK’s Number One Scar & Stretchmark treatment product, Bio-Oil, revealed that almost two thirds (62.4%) of women say that their scar has affected their body confidence;  One in ten people (9.3%) feel judged by other people because of their scars;  almost one in five women (18.95%) say that their scars have prevented them from going swimming or on a beach holiday; and more than one in 10 people (11.2%) have avoided having their picture taken because of their scar. 

Dermatologist and Bio-Oil Skincare Expert, Dr Justine Hextall, explains: “Once a wound has healed there will almost always be scars that may be red, raised, stretched or sometimes continually active as we sometimes see in a keloid scar. Keeping a scar hydrated for example with Bio-Oil or silica gel is recommended. Massaging a scar will soften it and reduce redness.”