Natural sleep support

Meditation app has launched its first offline product – Sleep Mist – a new type of natural sleep aid that combines scent and sound to beat insomnia. 

Sleep Mist, contains a relaxing scent made from a special blend of lavender and other essential oils, including chamomile clary sage and frankincense, which users can spray on their pillow to aid sleep, while listening to a bedtime story, written to go with it – and read by the talented, actor, comedian and writer, Stephen Fry. The story, called Blue Gold, is set amid the famous lavender fields and sleepy villages of Provence in Southern France.  

“Insomnia is a modern epidemic and tens of millions of prescriptions for sleeping pills are written every year,” says Michael Acton Smith, co-founder of Calm. “Mixing scent with storytelling is a powerful and natural new way to help racing minds drift off to sleep.” 

The launch of Sleep Mist, Calm’s first foray into the world of physical products, also follows the successful launch in December of “Sleep Stories” – bedtime stories for grown-ups – a popular new section of the Calm app that helps users wind down to sleep by listening to a relaxing story, incorporating soothing music, breathing and mindfulness techniques.  

Sleep Mist is priced at £19.99 (excluding P&P) and is available at is free to download and includes over 100 hours of meditations, soothing sleep stories, relaxing sounds and nature scenes.Sleep_Mist_Hero

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