LGFB launches 100th Workshop

LGFB_URL_lockup_2_v1Look Good Feel Better made its debut 24 years ago, and its Executive Director, Sarahjane Robertson, is incredibly proud to announce that they have now launched its 100th Workshop venue and would like to thank the association’s Head of Programme Services, Lisa Curtis, as well as all the Programme Team on this landmark launch.

“The work they do so successfully with our three Regional Managers and 89 volunteer Regional Co-ordinators continues to move ahead apace to support thousands more women, young adults and now launching support for men,” said Sarahjane.

The recent Workshop launched at Rivers Hospital in Sawbridgeworth (near Harlow) and Regional Manager, Sarah Addis, has worked closely with volunteer Regional Co-ordinator, Tracey Graham, in enabling LGFB to offer its service there.

“As we are very aware, we could not do this without all the help we get from our company and individual supporters as well as that all important ingredient, our committed, caring and professional LGFB volunteers,” added Sarahjane. “Sincere thanks for everything you have enabled us to achieve – and here’s to an even more successful 2018.”

For further information on Look Good Feel Better, please visit: www.lookgoodfeelbetter.co.uk or Telephone 01372 747500.