Isabella Rossellini rehired by Lancôme


The ageless Italian actress, Isabella Rossellini, is once again announced as the iconic face of the French Beauty House, Lancôme.

Isabella Rossellini, an inspired and inspiring woman, joins the company to spread the brand’s particular vision of femininity to the four corners of the earth. A femininity in tune with its times.

Lancôme and Isabella Rossellini are renewing the wonderful story that began in 1983 when the she became the very first face of Lancôme, proclaiming the brand’s values loud and clear in her own unique, incomparably modern way. For fourteen years, she was one of the most beautiful embodiments of the Lancôme woman. 

Today, at 63 years of age, Isabella Rossellini is for Lancôme a keenly intelligent, accomplished woman, who at every stage of her life has made time her best ally, and happiness and well-being her greatest strengths.

“Beyond Lancôme’s values, which she represents so magnificently and quintessentially, Isabella embodies the idea of an accomplished beauty that is synonymous with well-being,” declares Françoise Lehmann, General Manager of Lancôme. “She also maintains a very positive, serene attitude to age, which she experiences as liberating and self-affirming,” he adds.


Isabella Rossellini will therefore be a spokesmodel for Lancôme on a regular basis, sharing the secret of her happiness and her opinion on how to accomplish genuine beauty. “I am overwhelmed with emotion to come back to Lancôme”, she says. “Our collaboration meant so much to me in my life. Continuing it fills me with immense joy and great expectations. I am also well aware that this decision goes well beyond me: it’s a strong indication of Lancôme’s inclusiveness and celebration of all women,” confides Ms. Rossellini.