Intense fragrance collection, Falconer, launches

Ottaniqo has announced its new perfumery line, Falconer, which launched at the recent international exhibition Beautyworld Middle East 2017 in Dubai.

The Falconer collection is inspired by the art of falconry, the so called “sport of kings, queens and emperors” all over the world. These intense fragrances were created in collaboration with Ottaniqo perfumery atelier Partners, Ottavia Molinari and Nicoletta Danieli, and Italian fragrance specialists, to develop distinctive and sophisticated handcrafted scents, combining the finest ingredients from East and West through traditional and antique Italian techniques.

The Falconer’s logo represents the typical falconer’s glove decorated with traditional Arabian geometrical patterns that holds its faithful falcon.

Falconry is still practiced in many countries around the world by amateurs and professionals of all backgrounds, remaining an important part of heritage and culture.

Ottaniqo’S Nicoletta Danieli, says: “The Falconer perfumes collection is dedicated to passionate and visionary men and women that appreciate the most exquisite things in life.”

Ottaniqo designs and creates signature fragrances for children, women and men, together with a series of prestigious accessories and gift items.

The Collection 

For Women

Falconer FLOWERY – described as an oriental blooming, sensual and feminine essence, with a twist of cassis, lemon for freshness, Italian bergamot, fruity notes and juicy sweet orange. At its heart, heliotrope, sweet woods and a floral bouquet of white flowers, continue the notes. To create the fragrance’s last impression, includes notes of Oriental amber, white musk, vanilla, and sweet caramelized sugar.

Falconer AQUA – contain a blend of aquatic and fruity essences with wild blackcurrant and pear, creating a modern, classy and unique fragrance for passionate women. Its soothing heart contains a composition of iris, Oriental jasmine, orange flowers and tonka beans, while the minty patchouli, vanilla, and caramelized sugar define the final notes.

Falconer Unisex

ORIENTAL immediately opens with powerful Oriental incense, grapefruit, lavender and Artemisia as aromatic and energizing flowers. A combination of tobacco, spicy notes and leather add intensity to the perfume, while a rare Arabian Oudh and amber provide an oriental balanced final touch to the atmosphere. 

For Men

Falconer FOREST gratifies the olfactory experience with the freshness of passionate, masculine, aquatic green notes. This fragrance is blended with pineapple, hyacinth, and warm cedar foliage notes, with traces of Peruvian flowers Shinus Molle, jasmine, iris and rose damascene, which form a warm, spicy bouquet and diverse middle notes. Its exotic and powerful dry-down comprises amber, vanilla, Patchouli, white musk and Vetiver.

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