Healthy, Glowing Skin this summer with the limited edition Staycation Kit

Award winning brand Sienna X are excited to announce the launch of their brand new ‘Staycation’ kit – a seasonal must-have for achieving that ‘stepped off of the beach’ glow. Tanned skin and healthy skin need not be mutually exclusive, and with sun safety a long standing priority for Sienna X, they will be donating £1 from each kit sold, to the British Skin Foundation to support their initiatives and fund their research.

Containing four hero products, the Staycation Kit has been designed to give your skin a radiant burst of life ensuring that you’re effortlessly bronzed – whether you’re jetting off to warmer climes or enjoying a staycation. Want to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays yet still radiate that tell-tale holiday tan? 

A full-size Q10 Tinted Bronzing Mousse, which harnesses several innovative products that work in harmony to nourish your sking. Enriched with anti-ageing Q10, pomegranate, blackcurrant and vitamin E extracts.

The Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub, formulated with fine pumice to gently buff away imperfections and prime your skin pre-tan application. Packed with Shea butter, lemongrass and ginger, the formula works to improve micro circulation, reducing puffiness and protecting the skin.  

The Sienna X Radiance Body Balm is perfect for maintaining your tan and keeping your skin nourished. As well as the gorgeous natural ingredients of Shea butter, coconut oil and sweet almond oil, the balm also has small gold flecks in the cream which help add a healthy glow to your skin.

The Luxury Tanning Mitt will help to achieve the ultimate streak-free tan with its smooth fool proof application.  

Available for trade £20.42+VAT / RRP £35.00 at

Staycation HR