The Big Plastics Debate 2.0


Packaging Innovations and Luxury Packaging London has announced the launch of The Big Plastics Debate 2.0, which will see experts from all corners of the packaging supply chain address the issue of plastic waste.

The debate brings together a number of companies to discuss responsible plastic use, waste management and viable plastic alternatives in a cutting-edge session that will present some of the hottest new innovations in packaging. The event will also showcase a plastic-free aisle for the first time in the UK through a partnership with A Plastic Planet.

Day One will begin with a look at how the Government is addressing the plastic waste issue and the likely implications that this will have for the packaging industry. Day Two will host a panel of leading experts for the ‘Materials Showdown’ session.Plastics

The Big Plastics Debate 2.0 will finish with an interactive panel discussion, which will address the challenges around waste management.

For further information about The Big Plastics Debate or the show, please visit the Packaging Innovation or Luxury Packaging London websites or contact the show team on +44 (0)20 8843 8800 or