Basic and advanced skin science (2-day course)

Focusing on the subject of Skin Science, this course aims to provide the latest information to students, early careerists, and experienced professionals, under the instructions of professors Dr. Randy Wickett and Dr. K.P. Ananth.

The agenda for the course is as follows:

Day 1: Basic Skin Science    – Tuesday, August 14th
Basic introduction to the structure and function of skin, skin measurement methods and some basic effects of skin care products for those new to the skincare field. It will also serve as detailed introduction to prepare students to study more advanced topics in skin care science presented in the Advanced Skin Science course.
Day 2: Advanced Skin Science – Wednesday, August 15th
Assuming students already have basic knowledge of biochemistry and skin structure, function and physiology, this Advanced Skin Science course will cover topics in skin biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology. The goal of the course is to bring the student up to date on skin research of importance to the cosmetic industry.

Students have the option of booking for either of the days or both.
To register for the ‘Basic Skin Science’, ‘Advanced Skin Science’ or both, please visit