Boots’ new Soltan campaign


Espritmagazine attended a Boots Soltan launch yesterday, which revealed and stressed the importance of how parents should be aware of the permanent sun damage their children may suffer through harmful UVA rays.

Following a recent survey of 1,000 parents carried out by Soltan, figures showed that while 87% of parents understand that it is possible to get permanent skin damage from the sun, 40% believe that UVA damage is short term and lasts no longer than a week.

Furthermore, only 14% consciously chose a sun cream based on its UVA rating, 39% do not consider UVA rating at all when choosing a sun cream and 55% do not know what the UVA rating is.

The shocking new Soltan ‘tattoo’campaign, which will be appearing all over the UK, aims to help parents understand the risk of exposing their family to UVA damage that is as permanent as a tattoo, if they use a sun cream with less than 5* UVA protection.

“At Soltan, we believe that there should be no compromise where the sun is concerned. Many leading suncare brands only offer a 3* UVA rating, allowing up to 40% of UVA rays to penetrate skin. Soltan is the UK’s only suncare brand that offers 5* protection for the whole family, preventing up to 100% of UVA from permanently damaging the skin,” states Soltan Suncare Expert, Clare O’Connor.


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