Bespoke facials at John Bell & Croyden

JB&C Vitage

An exciting time for John Bell & Croyden as they recently opened its new InResidence beauty rooms at the store’s historic Wigmore Street location.

InResidence offers bespoke and highly efficacious treatments targeted at and personalised to each customer’s needs.

The 30 to 60-minute SkinFusion Signature Facial and SkinFusion Facial have been created by John Bell & Croyden’s Beauty Therapist and Nutritionist, Maria Di Chio, in tandem with Vitage, and complements the retail range available in store.

“Vitage is the perfect brand for the InResidence treatment offering,” said Amanda Coveney, Managing Director of Skinbrands. The service is based solely upon the skin concerns of the customer and this is why we created Vitage, to provide simple but effective products and treatments to cater for everyone’s unique skincare needs,” she added. “It also seems fitting that a brand created by skincare experts in the UK should be chosen by the very place that has been providing prescriptions to the Queen since 1958.”

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