Beauty from within

New year, new you!

For many of us, January means one thing: New Year’s resolutions.

From pledging to finally join the gym to squeezing into our favourite jeans, trying a new hobby or learning a new skill, there are plenty of promises we will be making for 2019.

Yet, if you or your clients are stuck in a rut or in need of some inspiration, why not make some skincare resolutions this coming year? The turn of the year (when many of us are feeling grey-skinned and less than radiant after the excesses of the festive season) is the perfect time to refresh and revamp a tired skincare routine.

[1] Always Wear SPFCinique

This is an important one, yet something that all too many of us gloss over – especially in the cooler, darker months. For youthful, glowing skin, it’s crucial that we wear an SPF (I always aim for SPF 50) that protects from both UVA and UVB rays every single day. Regularly applying sunscreen will not only help to protect from early ageing of the skin, but it will protect against skin cancer, too.

[2] Boost Your RegimeNivea

If your clients are yet to indulge in a beautiful, hydrating serum, then now is the time to add one to their beauty staples. Facial serums are the perfect treat for reviving and hydrating tired, dull skin as they can penetrate beyond the superficial layers quite quickly. They also tend to have a high concentration of anti-oxidants, vitamins and / or peptides. In particular, I love antioxidant serums because they help to ease any damage caused by pollution and UV rays.

On top of this, you could suggest that your client invests in a hydrating supplement packed with electrolytes to help their skin from within. There are plenty of hydration supplements on the market, which all work to hydrate the cells, leaving us with fresher, brighter, plumper skin – and bags of energy, too!

[3] Pop on a MaskGarnier

Many of us start the New Year with good intentions, but quickly slip into old habits. However, one thing I will be trying is popping on a rich, hydrating face mask each week. This is great for brightening and hydrating dry or more mature skins (I always search for masks that contain Hyaluronic acid, AKA the fountain of youth), while clay masks can draw out imperfections and impurities in blemish-prone skin. A relaxing, rejuvenating step towards perfect skin!

[4] ExfoliateOrigins

One of my favourite ways of achieving instantly brighter, healthier looking skin is to exfoliate – yet many of us, and many of our clients, will forget this crucial step in our skincare! By the age of 30, an adult’s skin can take 28 days to replenish and renew, meaning that your skin can lose its sparkle by the end of that cycle. To give your client’s glow a helping hand, suggest that they boost the renewal process with a gentle exfoliator (hard beads can cause damage or ultimately leave the skin even drier), once or twice a week.

[5] Clean Make-Up Brushesstylpro

Many of our clients will often give this a miss, yet our make-up brushes come into contact with all sorts of bacteria, oil, make-up and nasties, which we definitely don’t want on the skin! Why not help your client by finding them a gentle, natural brush cleaner – and suggest that they give their brushes a spring clean once a week!

[6] Try Something NewCollagen shots

The New Year is the perfect time for embracing something new and adding something to your bathroom cabinet that you’ve never tried before. Collagen supplements in particular are becoming more and more popular – and for good reason! They can work wonders at delaying signs of ageing, helping to blur fine lines and wrinkles, and leaving skin looking dewy and fresh. If your client is yet to try a collagen supplement, why not help them on their way? I always suggest trying a powdered supplement, which is easy to mix into water, and which contains 10,000mg of collagen – the optimum dosage.