Beauty from Within: Summer ready

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As the scorching hot days of summer approach, many of us will be daydreaming about lying on the beach, cocktail in hand and water lapping at our toes.

Summer holiday season is the perfect time to relax and unwind and yet, unfortunately, it also brings a great deal of worry and stress to many of us.

Instead of thinking ahead to sizzling beaches and hot summer nights, some of us will be fretting about how we look in a bikini or swimsuit. In particular, many will have concerns about wobbly bits, or patches of stubborn cellulite on the thighs and derriere.

First and foremost, if you’re worrying about it, then please remember that most women have cellulite! A huge 90% of women and 10% of men have some cellulite, including the super slim, toned and fit. It doesn’t mean that someone is out of shape or overweight (it can often be down to genetics) – it’s something that happens to most of us.

However, while there is little we can do to completely eradicate cellulite, there are lots of tricks to help ease any dimpling and minimise its appearance…


Dry Body Brushing








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One of the best tricks to get your thighs and bottom smooth and dimple-free is through dry body brushing. You can invest in a body brush and aim to brush the body (circular, clockwise strokes moving up the body) for five minutes a day, ideally before a warm shower or bath.

By doing this, you can stimulate circulation as well as the lymphatic system. Dry body brushing ultimately works by helping to encourage the flushing out of wastage and toxins from the body.

However, if the idea of dry body brushing doesn’t appeal (it can be uncomfortable for some), then you can consider investing in a hard-working body exfoliator instead? Look for formulas containing coffee granules – not only do these make great, natural exfoliators, but the caffeine found in them is also fantastic at helping to ease dimples.



Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy miracle cure for cellulite, however, one of my favourite ways to minimise cellulite is through a healthy diet – think eating rainbows of fruit and veg, lots of lean protein, complex carbs (fibrous foods will help to eliminate waste) and healthy fats. Drinking plenty of water (think eight glasses a day) is also key in smoothing out the skin.

However, it’s just as important to cut back on other foods – saturated fats and sugars will worsen inflammation in the body, making the problem worse. Meanwhile, foods that are high in salt will also exacerbate the problem of cellulite by causing fat cells to swell, making it appear more visible.


Top Up the Tan











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Adding a golden, goddess-like glow to your limbs can help to mask cellulite and make it look less pronounced. It also comes with the added bonus of helping them to look leaner and more toned. Try to find a flattering self-tanner (think less orange, more golden hued) to boost your confidence before slipping into a bikini.

You may also want to find a serum which is targeted for cellulite – think formulas containing caffeine and specialist ingredients to minimise fat cells. While these serums can’t work miracles, they can help to tighten and strengthen the skin.




You may also want to try supplementing to ease the woes. There are many supplements on the market, which can help to strengthen tissue and hydrate cells, reducing damage in the skin. Collagen-based supplements can work from the inside out to build the collagen matrix and connective tissue below the skin surface, strengthening the dermis to reduce the appearance of cellulite.










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Meanwhile, supplements rich in electrolytes can also help with dimples on the skin. They can work by helping to pass nutrients across the cell wall and allowing toxins to leave the body.


Think Positive


As mentioned, most of us will have suffered with cellulite at some point in our lives. While we can help to minimise the appearance of wobbles and dimples, you may try doing some body confidence exercises. Try meditating, or practicing gratitude, focusing on what you love about yourself.


Finally, excess weight can worsen the appearance of cellulite, which means that exercise can be key in helping to reduce it. It will also help to boost the confidence when it comes to digging out the bikini.

Not all of us are born with sporty genes, but there is an exercise that suits us all. So, why not take brisk walks with friends, go swimming, jogging, lift weights, or trying Yoga or Pilates a few days a week. Every little will help.