To relax…add a little salt!

Lola’s Apothecary has introduced Tranquil Bath Salt, which is a deeply therapeutic scent with a sleepy heart of lavender and Roman Camomile. This relaxing bath-time blend is made of Himalayan crystal salt that contains a sufficient quantity of trace minerals…perfect for detoxifying and softening the skin. 

The inclusion of lavender, known for its calming properties, helps to relieve stress and ease headaches. Additionally, the Roman camomile can act as a powerful sedative with anti-inflammatory action to soothe sensitive skin. An effective sleep aid is the vetiver, which helps to reduce nervous tension and improves relaxation. Ideal to soak in and relax with a glass of fine wine! 

Lola’s Apothecary Tranquil Island Bath Salt retails at £30 and is available at

Tranquil Island Bath Salt