The power of perfume

For decades, scientists refused to countenance the idea that certain fragrances could trigger the release of sex hormones until researchers at Bochum University in Germany recently proved that certain fragrances, containing certain key compounds, possess the power to activate regions of the brain linked to libido.

Carnal Blends is the brand new collection from Initio that dares to engage with fantasy-fuelling ingredients, carnal notes, committed, powerful and distinctive couplings, and celebrates transgressive fragrance compositions with the power to awaken pleasure, to stir physical attraction.

The Carnal Blends collection is made up of two uncompromising fragrances, both rich in hedione – named from the Greek word “hedone” meaning pleasure – a floral compound found in the heart notes of jasmine and magnolia which brings great airiness and light to a composition. Furthermore, hedione is known to activate a region of the brain responsible for pleasure and heightened libido.

High Frequency (haute fréquence) – The combination of magnolia and almond takes you by surprise. Its effect is like a sound wave that starts off gently and then powers up the decibels on the skin. An overdose of hedione detonates the final explosion.

Side Effect (effet secondaire) – The tobacco/vanilla/rum/cinnamon harmony of this fragrance tantalises the most discerning senses by playing off each of its facets – leather, animal and the woody note of vanilla.initio-carnal-collection

High Frequency and Side Effect fragrances are available exclusively at Harrods and retail at £190 each.