The Do’s and Don’ts to Sun exposure

Skin safety goes way beyond the beach. No matter the season sun exposure is a major contributor to dark spots and uneven skin tone, lines and wrinkles. Clinique’s advice is to be sun-smart with Dr. David Orentreich, its Guiding Dermatologist’s, in knowing about the do’s and don’ts to help protect all skin types and tones all year round. 

DO wear sunscreen every day, even if working in an office

For those who work indoors and go out at lunchtime, that 10 or 15 minutes of exposure every day can add up to hours — more hours than the relatively few spent outdoors while on vacation at the beach. Protecting the skin daily can drastically reduce sun damage.” 


DON’T skip sunscreen if you have darker skin

“While it’s true that darker skins have more natural protection from the sun, don’t overestimate the natural protection and then overdo it in the sun. It’s a big mistake and, unfortunately, a common one.” Clinique MenDO prevent uneven skin tone

“An even skin tone is one of the most key characteristics of youth and health. All skin tones, particularly melanin-rich ones, develop patches and spots of darker colour caused by what is essentially a defense mechanism. Skin defends itself from aggressors by over producing pigment in an attempt to cover and protect healing skin. Limiting sun exposure will help prevent the darkening. A fragrance-free sunscreen is a must.”