Tan with gLove

Glove 2

The gLove has been created using the highest quality materials, as well as hand-stitched, machine washable, and reusable. Currently it’s available in one size, which fits most hands, but in the not too distant future, will be presented in sizes small, medium and mansize.

It’s made of the highest quality materials, hand-stitched and is machine washable and reusable. It’s currently available in one size that fits most hands, but will also be coming soon in different sizes: small, medium and mansize.

Founded by Entrepreneur, Janice O’Sullivan, who found that regular tanning mitts never seemed to get into tricky areas, such as in-between fingers and toes, which often left streaks and unevenness.

The velvety soft gLove works perfectly for an overall even tan, but also around the tops of the legs, in-between fingers and toes, and in delicate areas including under the arms, as well as tanning the face perfectly.

The gLove’s inventor, Janice O’Sullivan, commented: “I am so excited about launching The gLove! I spent a long time thinking about it, seeing if there was anything similar in the world, and there isn’t, it’s the world’s first tanning glove.” Delighted with the finished result, Janice added: “I think anyone who loves to self-tan will enjoy its ease of use, perfect precision and it’s so fast too.”

The gLove has a recommended retail price of £9.95, and to see how it works, go to: https://youtu.be/vypSC3XpQPg