Sisley aims high this summer!

The High Factor

Luxury skincare experts, Sisley, are recognised for developing excellent anti-ageing products. Their ethos is the importance of keeping the skin protected at all times, especially against sun exposure.

With the summer months fast approaching, it is also one of the biggest causes of skin ageing. More wrinkles appear earlier on, dark spots multiply and the skin becomes less supple. To assist in helping to combat photageing, five years ago Sisley launched its successful Sunleÿa G.E. suncare range, which offered optimal UVA and UVB protection enhanced by powerful anti-ageing active ingredients.

However, for 2019, SPF 50+ has become a must-have to use, so Sisley has added this to its Sunleÿa G.E. suncare range alongside the SPF 30 version. The SPF 50+ (50ml/£180) offers a new way to combat sun-related skin ageing and provides optimal anti-ageing effectiveness.

Its 3- in-1 formula prevents the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation spots and provides effective sun protection while keeping skin beautiful. Smoother, firmer and better protected, the skin is left moisturised, younger-looking, and delicately scented with essential oils of sage and marjoram.

The second addition to the range is Super Stick Solaire Tinted Sun Care SPF 50+ (15g/£76), a very high protection formula that resists water and perspiration that has been specially formulated for the sensitive areas of the face.

To compensate for the dryness and dehydration caused by the sun’s rays, the Stick’s formula is enriched with camellia oil, mango butter and shea oil, to take care of and enhance the skin.

Finally, for 2019, Sisley is offering a new texture and new packaging for its Silky Body Cream SPF 30, which replaces the Milky Body Mist SPF 30.

Available in a 200 ml tube, the formula’s main active ingredients remain unchanged. They help to maintain skin’s sun potential and to protect it against the effects of photo-ageing due to a combination of latest-generation UVA and UVB sun filters and skin care active ingredients that protect cellular DNA and combat free radicals.

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