Scentsible opportunities with fragrance House

CPL BBCCPL Aromas has been in the news this week, as the BBC featured disability in the workplace #DisabilityWorks, and chose to highlight fragrance as part of the week-long series.

Angela Stavrevska, CPL Aromas’ UK Creative Director and Perfumer was interviewed by BBC Business Live, and spoke about the company’s initial work, together with others, to undertake research and then establish a training programme for people with visual impairments.

This initiative has led to employment for people who, due to their impaired sight, have developed an enhanced sense of smell – a sense giving them skills ‘highly valued’ by the fragrance industry, the research report says. The College of Fragrance for the Visually Impaired (COFVI) in Mumbai, India, has so far trained 14 people, 8 of whom are in employment in the fragrance industry.

The programme mentioned that CPL Aromas, which is the world’s largest ‘fragrance-only’ fragrance House, operates from 17 centres across the world.

CPL Aromas hopes that the emphasis on employment for disabled people will inspire others. Furthermore, CPL Aromas will be unveiling a new company development at the UK In-cosmetics Show from 4th – 6th April at ExCel London.

You can watch Angela Stavrevska’s interview at: