Paul Schütze introduces two new scents

PaulEsprit ladies chatted with the lovely Perfumer, Paul Schütze who introduced his two new creations, both of which, as with his existing three fragrances, have once again evoked specific moments of time and space, based on the Perfumer’s distinct olfactory memories which he has endeavoured to capture and recreate through scent.   

Villa M and Cudara are the first two fragrances in a series directly inspired by iconic architecture: Villa M enthused by Curzio Malaparte’s amazing cliff top home on the island of Capri, containing notes of Ambergris, cedar, cyclamen, hay, mimosa, pink pepper and seaweed, while Cudara invokes the masterpiece of Mexican Architect Luis Barragan: Cuadra San Cristobal horse ranch, with notes comprising of bay, bergamont, coffee, eaglewood, hay, jasmine, oak moss, sandalwood and tobacco.     

“All my work as an artist, regardless of the medium, has been about capturing ephemeral , elusive, moments and locations; places and memories, which change and evolve even as we try to recall them. What better material to express these fugitive qualities than perfume: a direct line to the unconscious mind, trigger of memories and waking dreams,” said Paul.  


Available at Liberty London and online at priced at £135/50ml