Ormonde Jayne launches home scents

Perfect ambiance!


London-based, luxury perfume House, Ormonde Jayne, has launched Parfums D’Ambiance Reed Diffusers, created to achieve a perfect ambiance in any home by providing every room its own individual character with a gorgeous perfume.

Entering a room with an elegant scent really sets the mood and scented reeds are a great way to achieve this.

Parfum d’Ambiance has been created and developed in Ormonde Jayne’s London Studio, due to popular demand, as the company’s clients have been requesting for their favourite home fragrance to be available in several different forms.

In keeping with the classic shape of the Ormonde Jayne Eau de Parfum bottle, a bespoke 500ml replica has been designed, which will suit any style room. Parfum d’Ambiance is expected to last up to 5+ hours, due to its formulation including 50% perfumed oil.

Although Parfum d’Ambiance comes with 12 reeds, nine can be used for optimum yield. Using all 12 will strengthen the projection depending the size of the space you are intending to scent. Don’t forget to turn reeds on a weekly or fortnightly rotation.OJ Refill

Ormonde Jayne’s Founder and Perfumer, Linda Pilkington, suggests the following fragrances to suit your home:

Ambre Royal or Ormonde for the Entrance Hall.

Frangipani, a creamy floral, will be perfect for the Drawing Rooms.

Casablanca Lily, the most highly perfumed flower with immense yield, is suitable for Kitchen and Dining Rooms.

As for the Bedroom, Ta’if, a full bouquet of roses for romance that goes without saying.

Parfum D’Ambiance 500ml includes 12 synthetic Reeds and retails at £250. Also available is a 500ml refill which retails at £80.

Parfum D’Ambiance Reed Diffusers are accessible from Harrods, Ormonde Jayne The Royal Arcade, and online