Niche Perfumery hosts special fragrance evening

Last week, more than 100 guests gathered at Vermilion Studios warehouse art gallery in Knutsford to celebrate a fragranced filled evening with Italian Perfumer, Simone Andreoli, hosted by Pulse of Perfumery (POP), an exclusive Perfumery in the heart of Cheshire.

(L-r) Simone Andreoli, with the POP team, Peter, Mel, Danielle and Amelia

In 2018, co-Founders of POP, Peter Murray and Mel Seddon, travelled to Florence, and the famous fragrance exhibition ‘Pitti Fragranze’, hoping to identify more niche perfumes to add to their beautifully curated collections at the Perfumery.

Italian Perfumer, Simone Andreoli

Whilst in Italy, they met Simone Andreoli, the self-proclaimed youngest nose in Italy, and the unique character of his fragrances instantly appealed to them. From October 2018 they became the sole UK stockist of Diario Olfattivo, which quickly became an instant success with their clients and so they collaborated with Simone to put on a special event some 8 months later.

Flying in exclusively for the event, Simone spoke of his passion for scent and his olfactive diaries, in which his near nomadic lifestyle is translated into scent memories including the incredible incense, cashmere and leather of Smoke Of God, and the oriental Sentosa inspired by a stopover in Singapore. Furthermore, two scents were shared alongside complementing flavours of gelato, created exclusively for the event displaying those two senses, taste and smell, could be heightened together.

The evening concluded with guests being presented with one of only 100 bottles of a scent that Simone had created especially for the evening.