New men’s range conceived by La Biosthétique


La Biosthétique’s has launched HOMME – a new men’s range combining cleansing and care products suitable to all men, no matter what age, whether bearded or clean shaven.

The eight-product range simplifies the daily care ritual and fulfils the highest-level performance and demands.

Developers of HOMME, the La Biosthétique experts, created the range so each work together as a team. The heart of the HOMME cleansing and care products is Cell Energizer. “A mineral complex activates the cell energy cycle and thus supplies the skins cells with oxygen so that their energy supply, ATP synthesis in the mitochondria, is optimised”, explains Volker Hell, Skin Product Development and Quality Assurance Manager at La Biosthétique.

The product line up includes four team Skin products: Hair Beard Body Wash (3 in1), (RRP £17/200ml); Shaving Gel, (RRP £14.50/150ml); After Shave, Face & Beard Care (3 in1), (RRP £19.50/75ml); and Deodorant Spray, (RRP £15/100ml).


For team Hair: Hair & Scalp Tonic (2 in 1), (RRP £15.50/150ml); Styling Gel, (RRP £14/100ml); Fiber Paste, (RRP £15.50/100ml); and Powder Wax, (RRP £20/100ml).

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