Natura supports The Body Shop campaign

naturabodyBrazillian brand, Natura, has joined forces with The Body Shop for the worldwide eradication of animal testing in the cosmetics industry by mobilising its relationship network to increase the number of signatures for the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. The petition organised by The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International, has already collected more than five million signatures. The target is to get the support of eight million people and presenting it to the United Nations. The petition is available at:

To support this campaign, Natura will engage its network of over 1.7 million consultants, employees and millions of customers in banning tests on animals in the cosmetics industry.

With its long-standing campaign partners, Cruelty Free International, The Body Shop was instrumental in securing UK and European bans on animal testing for cosmetic purposes, and in June 2017, together launched Forever Against Animal Testing, the biggest campaign ever.

“This is a striking moment for Natura. We have now joined forces with The Body Shop to expand the reach of this campaign and to engage our entire relationship network in this movement,” said Andrea Alvares, Natura’s Vice-President of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability. “Natura and The Body Shop share the same vision that business should be a force for good,” added Alvares.