Meet the Man of Today!

Hopefully by now, many of you have seen the latest ‘Man of Today’ Ad campaign for the new BOSS BOTTLED Infinite fragrance starring the gorgeous Australian Actor, Chris Hemsworth.

The Man of Today is all about achieving success and self-fulfilment through career, family, and friends, as well as being a partner, father, friend, and colleague. He seeks balance, authenticity and connection to his natural state.

Chris Hemsworth, 35, reprises his role as he embodies a new facet of the Man of Today. “I loved working on the new BOSS Bottled Infinite campaign,” said the Actor. “There is a heavy focus on getting away from the chaos of urban life and reconnecting with nature,” he claimed, “which is always a constant goal in my life! I am very grateful to everyone at BOSS and the Director for this creative venture and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do.”

The BOSS BOTTLED Infinite campaign shows Hemsworth leaving the city behind to reconnect with nature, heading to embrace infinite opportunities. Moving from his urban world to be at one with his surroundings, he explores his passions – by himself and with his loved ones. The waves crash as he treads the sand barefoot. He feels connected and fulfilled, aware of the infinite range of possibilities ahead.

Crafted by Master Perfumer,Annick Menardo, BOSS BOTTLED Infinite EdP fragrance opens on a refreshing, sparkling top note of mandarin and apple, spiced up by a hint of cinnamon and sage. Warm, aromatic notes of patchouli, rosemary and lavender come together at the masculine heart. The rich olivewood combined with sandalwood creates a smooth yet deep base note, unfolding harmoniously on skin.

BOSS BOTTLED Infinite is presented in three EdP sizes: 50ml (£52), 100ml (£71) and 200ml (£91) and is available now. A perfect Father’s Day gift!