Innovative Yoga Workshops at Ushvani

Starting on 4th May, the prestigious Malaysian Ushvani Spa will be hosting a 4-week Hormonal Yoga workshop in its Sentosa Studio near Sloane Square. Ushvani is fronting this exceptional workshop for women to recover from the lethargy, emotional anxiety and stress related aches and pains associated with a hormonal imbalance. Attendees will be guided through various asanas to relax the nervous system and soothed by the tranquil surrounds and exotic scents of a Malaysian retreat – Ushvani’s signature, indulgent touch.

This yoga workshop will run over 90 minutes and be open to all levels. Balancing hormones offers a host of benefits that will create an overall sense of well-being and inner radiance.

The innovative workshop will feature:

·         Welcome

·         Introduction to yoga for balancing hormones & symptoms of hormonal imbalances

·         Benefits of this type of yoga to improve hormonal health

·         Full body practice with restorative and reclined poses

·         Refreshments served- Orange tea rich in Vitamin C and dried fruit and nuts

The 90 minute workshop costs £40.00, with advance bookings only. The first workshop starts on 4th May from 6:30pm to 8pm, with another three taking place on 11th May; 18th May; and 25th May.

For more information on Ushvani please visit or book a place on 0207 730 2888.

Pic 1: Ushvani’s Sentosa StudioUshvani-Spa-2