Huddersfield Spa cares for Carers

The Titanic Spa in Huddersfield, treated four delighted Carers from Kirklees’ Carers Count organisation, to celebrate National Massage Day, which aims to increase awareness of the wellness benefits of regular massage. 

The Spa was thrilled to welcome Susan Roberts, Rachael Sykes, Andrea Hindson and Gary Salt, who are each caring for a loved one and are part of the organisation. Each enjoyed an energising massage and had the opportunity to relax and unwind with the offer of delicious refreshments. 

“Improving the wellbeing and emotional state of our guests is at the heart of all we do when welcoming guests to the Spa,” said Warrick Burton, Managing Director at Titanic Spa. “It was our pleasure to treat and care for those from Carers Count, so that they can continue to care and have a fulfilling life of their own. This in particular, is something that resonates with us at Titanic Spa so it was lovely to meet and speak to each of them personally.” 

Carers Count is a new service available in Kirklees available to any adult who gives or has already given time and energy to look and care for a family member or friend. The organisation recognises the impact caring can emotionally and physically have and therefore provides a support network for these individuals. 

For further information on theTitantic Spa, please visit: and for more information on Carers Count, please go to:


Carers in spa robes (L-r) Susan Roberts, Rachael Sykes, Andrea Hindson and Gary Salt