Givaudan launches new sustainable fragrance precursors

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Givaudan, the global leader in the creation of flavours and fragrances, has launched Scentaurus® – a new family of sustainable fragrance precursors to expand the palette

Givaudan launches Scentaurus®, a new family of sustainable fragrance precursors of ingredients that offer the possibility for Perfumers to formulate long-lasting fragrances for various applications.

What is a fragrance precursor?

It is a low odour molecule which, when exposed to an external trigger such as oxygen, light or water, will release at least one fragrant molecule, bringing longevity to fragrances in categories such as fabric, home, and personal care products.

Givaudan’s new family of precursors to add to the palette include Scentaurus Clean®, Scentaurus® Juicy and Scentaurus® Berry.

Scentaurus® was developed in line with the company’s sustainability approach “A Sense of Tomorrow”, as a responsible innovation with a positive impact on the environment.

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“Our new Scentaurus® technology is revolutionary as it brings us a new evolution to the way of designing fragrances,” said Jeremy Compton, Head of Fragrance Science and Technology. “Some olfactive notes can now be delivered at dry stage on fabrics that were not possible previously,” he added.”The precursors can deliver even more innovative formulas to our customers, and ultimately responds to consumer demands for ever more performing fragrances.”

(Images – Givaudan)