Get the city look with Rimmel’s Road Trip Series



Rimmel is collaborating with a dozen of the UK’s most popular beauty influencers for a new road trip series journeying across the UK’s liveliest cities. The ‘Rimmel Road Trip’ will be hosted on Rimmel UK’s YouTube channel, with all the influencers supporting the campaign on their own platforms.

Each month, two beauty personalities will together pair up and talk about what they find attractive about each city, as well as its attitude and distinctive style, shining a light on the energy, outlook and confidence living at the heart of ‘The London Look’. Their journey will be captured and edited into a fun style and make-up series, taking the audience on the influencers’ style journey.

Touring the UK, each month two different influencers will lead viewers through a city, which one of them has a strong connection with. They will be visiting and exploring special places from past and present memories, as well as encouraging their audience to suggest venues and places to visit.

Furthermore, both will showcase and bring to life their preferred make-up looks complementing their style and activities from the morning through to the evening.

The first Rimmel Road Trip kicked off on 27th January with Fleur De Force and Em Ford in Cardiff, where Em grew up.

 “We are extremely excited to be working on this campaign with some of the biggest YouTube beauty stars. This is where Rimmel belongs, collaborating on content that we know our audience engages with, and on platforms where they are consuming media,” said Jess Glover, Head of Rimmel Brand.