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Sophie Berdoues, from the fourth generation of the family, wanted to bring Violette into the here and now. She dreamt of a powdery, contemporary and chic violet, more lifelike than its fairy tale forebear and she has succeeded. She and the master nose Benoist Lapouza created the Violette of today, placing it in the Collection Grands Crus family.
The new vintage or “millésime”, is formulated by blending, much like that of a great wine, and is based on three exceptional and daring raw materials – Violet from France, Patchouli from Indonesia and Iris from Italy.
Naturally, the Violet reigns and dominates the head and heart notes, interspersed with citrus zest that instills freshness and light. At the base lies patchouli, warmed by vetiver to strike a sensual note. The iris with its floral power and nectarine vanilla-edged petals, make this an addictive and inveigling potion.