BOSS Bottled Tonic

Hugo Boss
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Coty In-House

BOSS Bottled Tonic is an elegant blend of sophisticated notes of citrus, spices and woods to bring a lighter and refreshing dimension to the classic fragrance. It opens with zesty grapefruit, bitter orange and lemon, blending with the apple to deliver a boost of freshness and energising brightness.
With the introduction of ginger, a sharp effervescence brings an unexpected vibrancy to the cool opening of the fragrance. Whilst enhancing the dynamic trio of clove, geranium and cinnamon found at the heart, ginger adds a unique new element to the blend. A woody dry down includes the richness of vetiver.
BOSS Bottled Tonic EdT is available in three sizes: 50ml/£45; 100ml/£62 and 200ml/£79.