BIOFACH is the World´s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food and combined with VIVANESS, International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, the three day event is classed as an important business platform offering an opportunity of both networking and positioning.

Taking place for the 30th year in succession in 2019, spotlight topics to be discussed within the main theme on the connection between organic food and health include:

  • Comprehensive view of health: What do agriculture and the food industry have to do with public health?
  • Nutrition – not focused enough by health policy. What consequences need to be drawn from the prominent role played by diet-related illnesses?
  • Organic food and health: Healthy soil – healthy human – what’s the connection?
  • Best Practice: How is organic food changing eating habits, for example in the home and in the catering industry?
  • How can policymakers use the organic system to reduce health costs and environmental damage?
  • What influence do cultivation and processing methods have on the health quality of foods?