Creavtive agency wins contract with Ethique

Yorkshire creative marketing agency, Outside the Box (OTB), has won a contract from Ethique, based in New Zealand, to review and refresh the branding of its range of products, which use only ethically sourced, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients. 

Founded by science graduate, Brianne West, the brand comprises 34 cuttingedge products all in the form of solid beauty bars, which are sold in compostable packaging to eliminate the need for bottles, jars, lids, pump dispensers etc.

With extensive experience in marketing within the beauty sector, OTB was able to develop new branding designed to appeal to new and existing customers and to encourage interest and trial of the products. 

Brianne West, founder of Ethique said: “Ethique has really taken off in New Zealand and we’ve seen rapid growth which I believe is due to consumers wanting to vote with their wallet and support genuinely ethical, wastefree companies, which are doing their bit to protect the world we live in. With consumers around the world becoming increasingly concerned about ingredients and packaging across all sectors, we believe that it has huge potential overseas.”

Charlotte Holgate, Account Manager at OTB, said: “This is the start of our journey with Ethique, supporting them to grow the brand internationally and promote the concept of zero packaging waste for beauty products – Ethique’s dedication to sustainable beauty practices is preventing 100,000 plastic containers worldwide being disposed into our environment. It’s a fantastic range and we’re proud to be helping to develop its brand identity to support its profile globally.”

 OTB Charlotte

Charlotte Holgate, OTB, with new Ethique branding