Colour me beautiful


According to La Biostetique, this summer is all about colour, expression and emotion, which is the inspiration behind their new Make-up Collection that includes powerful, fresh colour combinations, with modern, exotic accents.

Her face as a canvas and herself as an avant-garde painter: She doesn’t want to hold back any more. She wants to be loud and proud about her feelings and who she is. It’s La Biosthétique’s goal to strengthen her in her desire for colour and self-expression.

The latest collection includes:

Translucent compact powder

Magic Shadow Mono 44 Flamingo – Powder eyeshadow in rose red

Eye Performer Blue Lagoon – Waterproof eye pencil in bright turquoise blue

Eyeshadow Pen Macadamia – Smudgeproof and waterproof eyeshadow pen in cool light brown

Waterproof cream eyeshadow in Silky Eyes Fern and Silky Eyes Steel Blue

Cream Lipgloss in Dragonfruit Pink and Lychee Sorbet

Color Care Lipstick in Hot Mandarin and Dusty Pink

Sensual Lipstick B234 Sunset – Lipstick with mother-of-pearl effect in orange red metallic

The La Biosthétique collection is now available. For further information, please go to