CEW Business Breakfast

CEW’s next scheduled Business Breakfast will be taking place on Thursday 31st August, 2017. The subject – “Zero To Explosion In Four Years”. 

The speakers at this event will be the Founders, Brandon Truaxe, and Co-CEO, Nicola Kilner, of the award-winning beauty brand, DECIEM. Discover what it takes to make it big in the beauty industry. From the launch of their first brand, Fountain in 2013, to the transparent and award-winning The Ordinary, making its appearance in 2016. 

The Toronto-based company has cultivated an empire of niche brands that have gained a legion of followers world-wide. This year has seen the opening of their first London stores in Covent Garden and Old Spitalfields Market and their recently-launched Colours Foundations. 

To join CEW at this event, it’s online booking only, so book your ticket now. Member Ticket Price is £65(+VAT) and a Non-Member Ticket price is £79 (+VAT) 

The Business Breakfast will be held at:

The Arches at Kachette

347-349 Old Street

London, EC1V 9LP 


08:45-09:30 Breakfast and Networking

09:30-10:30 Presentation and Q&A