Best foot forward with Mavala


With summer now in full swing, the open-toed sandals have come out to play and it’s time to show-off the perfect pedicure…unless you are one of many who suffers with fungal nail infections and are too embarrassed to expose your feet. Tell-tale signs of a fungal nail infection are discoloured, brittle nails that develop an uneven surface.

To combat this embarrassing nail condition, Swiss nail care brand, Mavala, has launched MAVAMED, the ideal solution for giving toes a new lease of life!

Its penetrating formula reaches the nail bed to kill 99.9% of fungus due to the product’s innovative Instant Killer Complex that stops the fungus in a matter of seconds. MAVAMED contains Urea that penetrates the nail, allowing the active ingredients to reach the nail bed where the infection lies. High concentrate tea tree oil, which inhibits the development of fungal threads, kills off the infection and prevents further spreading. Blends of lavender and eucalyptus essential oils are mixed with lactic acid to reduce the nail’s acidity, creating an unfavourable environment for the infection.

Using MAVAMED is very simple, just brush the product on once in the morning and once at night, leaving to dry in the open air for a minute or so. You should expect to see results within three months.

 MAVAMED is available from all leading pharmacies nationwide and has a RRP of £18 for 5ml.