Beauty Company fights against blindness


L’Occitane UK is proud to be supporting new musical, The Braille Legacy. The Braille Legacy tells the thrilling, true, inspirational story of Louis Braille, a young blind boy whose quest for equality ended up improving the lives of millions of blind people around the world. It is the story of ‘the people of the night’ who refused to be trapped by their blindness and their journey to literacy, knowledge and culture.


Directed by Thom Southerland and starring West End star, Jérôme Pradon, The Braille Legacy is an empowering tale of perseverance and hope on a journey into the light. 

Almost 285 million people around the world are blind or visually impaired, even though 80% of blindness is avoidable. L’Occitane is committed to fighting against avoidable blindness by supplying quality treatments and encouraging local initiatives for over 15 years. Furthermore, L’Occitane has also invested in Braille on most of its packaging and has always sought to make its products available to a broad spectrum of the population. The inspiration for having Braille on the packaging came from Company Founder, Olivier Baussan. 

This year, L’Occitane UK are proud to have partnered with The Braille Legacy by providing £3,000 in funding for the installation of audio descriptions for performances of the show, making it truly accessible to partially sighted and blind audience members. Performances run until the 24th June at the Charing Cross Theatre in London.