1. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2018, esprit is the stylish business magazine for the premium perfumery, cosmetics and skincare market. The magazine is a fully paid-for title available through individual or multiple subscriptions. esprit has an average issue size of 32 pages and is printed on 100gsm art paper (200gsm covers) with full colour throughout. esprit also has its own website to provide news stories as well as a comprehensive brand and company contact Directory, market reports, products trends, current job vacancies, and further information and services.

  2. esprit subscribers include Consultants (from both Retailers and Suppliers), Retail Buyers and Managers in Department Stores, Perfumeries and multiple chains, Senior Management of companies manufacturing and distributing beauty products, as well as sampling and fragrance creation companies, Public Relations and media owners.

  3. esprit is the original printed source of news and comment for everyone working in the prestige retail beauty. It covers the latest launches, industry news (i.e. launch parties and industry events), spa and beauty salon news, beauty within, social and digital media, and exclusive interviews and profiles on industry experts.

  4. esprit supports and works closely with all the key industry Associations and is the professional magazine partner for CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women UK). It also has strong connections with COPRA (Cosmetics & Perfumery Retailers Association); LGFB (Look Good Feel Better, the industry’s cancer charity); and FFUK (The Fragrance Foundation UK).

  5. Celebrating its 30th Anniversary in 2018, esprit has enjoyed tremendous support from all areas of the industry since its launch in 1988. It is the only specialist monthly professional title exclusively devoted to the beauty/grooming markets. The beauty industry have used esprit as part of their buying-in and selling through strategies. Furthermore, service and suppliers continue to use esprit to reach the cosmetics House’s key management, in addition to recruitment advertisers, as the magazine provides the right target audience for this sector.

  6. “Esprit has always been the go to magazine for the beauty industry, Lorraine is a great ambassador and gives her all to the industry, supporting a creative talent like hers and the magazine is paramount in an ever changing landscape for magazines. Esprit still continues to be something that you can rely on.”

    Melissa Hay, Owner, 2Breathe Creative Ltd


    “The ‘Scents of Experience’ that the dedicated, enthusiastic and talented team of Lorraine, Maria and Terry have given to readers of esprit Magazine over many years is admired and a great pleasure to offer personal congratulations on the occasion of their 30th Anniversary.”

    John Bailey, Artisan Perfumer & Independent Consultant


    “Lorraine and the esprit Magazine team are truly an integral part of the UK beauty industry. They share their knowledge of the brands and retail sector with dedication to all levels of the industry with great passion and fun. Being featured with esprit is always a highlight for the entire team. Esprit allows all in the industry to enrich their understanding and skills in an accessible format which is invaluable.”

    Stéphane Euzen, General Manager UK & Eire, Acqua Di Parma


    “Working with Esprit is always a pleasure. The team are hugely loyal, knowledgeable and support our launches with enthusiasm and positivity – they are always smiling and have a great sense of fun!

    From us all at Aspects Beauty, congratulations on an amazing 30 years, and here’s to many more!”

    Lyndsay Fletcher, PR & Communications Manager, Aspects Beauty Company


    “As a long-standing supporter of Lorraine and esprit Magazine, I would like to thank Lorraine and her team for their consistent delivery of the most original printed source of news and comment for everyone in the premium Beauty and Fragrance industry over the last 30 years. From sharing updates on the latest product launches, press and industry events to general beauty news and trends, it’s the ‘go-to’ read for ‘what’s new, what’s now’ in our ever-evolving market.  For Colouration, as an established supplier to this industry, with a large portfolio of valued clients, esprit has proved to be the perfect platform for us to promote our broad range of in-house services and showcase some of our ‘best in class’ work each month. On a personal level, Lorraine and her team are the best – professional, fun, an absolute pleasure to work with and always available to support Colouration, as needed. Thank you esprit team – wishing you all the best for the next 30 years!”

    Dawn Evident/Tony Dennington, Joint Owners, Colouration Ltd


    “30 years, what an achievement! Huge congratulations. Esprit has always been at the forefront of Beauty and Industry news and an essential partner for engaging and celebrating our company, brands and people. Here’s to the next 30!”

    Jane Mccorriston, Head of Influencer Marketing, Coty Luxury UK & Ireland


    “Happy Birthday esprit – 30 years is a fine accomplishment! Thank you esprit for always being supportive of the beauty industry and no beauty launch is complete without the presence of founder Lorraine Wilson Morris. I have very fond memories of our press trips / events together, one in particular where we ran away from the ash cloud in South of France. Esprit – here’s to another 30 years!”

    Grace Fung, Senior Influencer Marketing & PR Manager, COTY Luxury UK


    “Over the many years that I have worked with them, I have always found Lorraine and the esprit team to be professional, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable regarding all matters relating to the Beauty business. They have a deep and thorough understanding of the market and the dynamics within it. They have been able to offer solutions to some of the issues that I have faced in business, and are always fully dependable in delivering on the promises made.”

    David Allan, Independent Consultant (Formerly Coty)


    Wow! Its esprit Magazine’s 30th Anniversary, congratulations! I have known Lorraine for many years as a friend and working colleague, working together on many different projects. Lorraine has always gladly given her time and nothing is ever too much trouble, even if she is already chasing deadlines!

    I have also had the honour of working with Lorraine and esprit Magazine for and on behalf of Copra, Cosmetic and Perfumery Retailers Association, and for the last 25 years esprit have continued to support the association by way of donating their services and expertise in producing our event brochure. Their continued generosity and hard work has also enabled us raise money for our industry charity, Look Good Feel Better. A huge thank you.

    Lorraine’s continuous hard work and dedication to the magazine, as well as the Beauty & Fragrance industry is second to none, striving to bring together for the readers an exciting mix of brands, information and stories, as well as seeking out new brand launches. A life time of hard work and commitment continues to give esprit’s dedicated readers a chance to understand and share what’s new and exciting.

    Her knowledge of brands and people from within the industry is a true reflection, not only on her very likeable personality, but, her commitment to bring the latest news and new launches to her readers.

    Lorraine has built and moulded esprit Magazine over the last 30 years, today the magazine is a well-respected publication and a go to magazine for new and existing brands and businesses to share new products and launches, as well as share news and views from within the Beauty and Fragrance industry.

    Congratulations to Lorraine and the whole team on reaching this mile stone. Well done!”

    Debbie Trumper, Debbie Trumper Consulting and Copra Consultant.


    “I have had the pleasure of working with Lorraine and the team at esprit for the last 15 years. Their combined knowledge of the perfumery and cosmetics industry is second to none. Over the years Lorraine has helped our company develop our advertising programme and our client base. Lorraine is always happy to help even a relatively small company such as ours.  Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary.”

    Craig Wick, Managing Director, Edge Retail Ltd


    “Flair Recruitment is proud to support esprit, for us esprit is a valuable source of news, information and the first influencer for everyone working within the beauty industry. It covers the latest launches and beauty news and despite all the changes throughout the last 30 years, it continues to be well respected, recognised and appreciated due to Lorraine’s vast knowledge, experience, dedication and professionalism. We all look forward to receiving our copy and when we are featured in it it’s a real sense of achievement and a proud moment for all. Keep going Lorraine, Maria and Terry, let’s keep esprit where it needs to be.”

    Sarah Graham, Director, Flair Recruitment Ltd


    “Glorious Brands love esprit! Esprit is our go-to for all industry and brand information, we’re always so excited to receive our monthly copies here at Glorious Brands.

    Both Lorraine and Maria personally take the time to attend our product launches and we’re very grateful for all their support.”

    Tracy Moores, Founder & Company Director, Glorious Brands Ltd


    “Throughout my career in beauty and fragrance esprit Magazine has always provided me with the latest industry news and updates, something that proved wonderful while working in-house and an even more valuable means of keeping in touch now I am a freelancer.

    The monthly content covers all aspects of retail, marketing and PR in a really informative yet accessible way, whilst the columns and features by talented journalists and bloggers always guarantee an insightful and engaging read.

    What’s more, Lorraine and her team have always been an incredible support for me, my clients, and their launches. It’s no wonder they have been going strong for 30 years – here’s to the next 30!”

    Helen McTiffen, Freelance PR Consultant, Helen McTiffen PR


    “Esprit Magazine is a ‘must read’ in our industry! It offers exceptional articles that are well written, vibrant, informative and really interesting. Lorraine really understands the world of perfumery and cosmetics, and her team are just as well informed! Congratulations to esprit on their 30th Anniversary – a real milestone, and a fabulous success story. Here’s to the next 30 years!”

    David Strickley, Managing Director, Icon Partnership


    “Esprit – it really is the spirit of the beauty industry and has been for full three decades. What hasn’t it covered during its 30 years of reporting on the beauty business? Bearing in mind the extraordinary industry changes of the last ten years alone, especially with regard to digital sales, anti-ageing technology, the rise of niche and artisan products, the advent of Black Friday and the organic/natural movement, the magazine has been a veritable bible of what’s what and who’s who – with a lot of indispensable when, where and why into the bargain. From sales training to make-up artist secrets, from visual display tips to awards results, not to mention male grooming, luxury fragrance, colour forecasting, sales psychology, company profiles, Christmas trading, spa updates, the growth of supplements – and that’s not even mentioning all its regular updates on what’s new in make-up, skincare, fragrance, sun care and gifting for all occasions. If you work in the beauty industry, then to paraphrase someone else’s slogan, ‘Miss esprit, miss out.’”

    Jocelyn Bailey, Freelance Health & Beauty Journalist


    “I have worked with esprit for over 20 years. The magazine has been invaluable in keeping me updated on industry events and news, while its staff is always able to provide very useful background information when one is doing research for a client. Both editorial and advertising in esprit provide effective channels for transmitting messages to the beauty industry. The magazine is an important tool in my work as one of London’s top PR Consultants.”

    Janine Roxborough Bunce, Managing Director, JRB Associates Ltd


    “When it comes to a Beauty Business Magazine, esprit is by far the most easy going and professional team I have worked with. (There are a few magazines that talk a good game) but Lorraine and Maria help you make it happen.

    The magazine engages both industrybuyers and consultants alike, bringing attention to the changes and launches within the Beauty world.”

    Kate Morris, Director, Kamarino Ltd


    “Esprit and Lorraine have been extremely valuable to me since I moved to London in 2000. I had little knowledge of the perfume industry (and products) at that time but my new role at Lalique was taking me to be in contact with the fragrance world and its detractors (makers, journalists, consumers) and esprit was (and still is) a great medium to be aware of the latest trends and to know more about the ingredients used nowadays.

    Moreover, Lorraine and Maria have such a punch and dedication for what they do that she renders all reading and experiences memorable.

    It is also a pleasure to work with them.”

    Frederick Fischer, UK Managing Director, Lalique


    “Esprit Magazine has been one of my trusted sources of information on the beauty industry for several years. I particularly appreciate reading the Christmas review and esprit News, which always give great insights into the market trends.

    I have known and worked with Lorraine for many years and have always appreciated her knowledge and enthusiasm. Lorraine has a great passion for beauty and has supported our company and brands for many years.

    Many congratulations on your nomination and all the best with the Awards.”

    Fabien Callens, Marketing Director, Kenneth Green Associates


    “This is a unique Beauty Journal always full of the very latest news in and around our industry. Whilst it is a magazine targeted at the beauty professional it has the clout of something much bigger. It has an authority that is well recognised and revered.

    Now an amazing thirty years old we still find the founding editor, Lorraine, at the wheel.

    A key strength of this magazine is the fact that Lorraine knows the people, knows the business. Even knows where the bodies are buried….!

    It is this vast knowledge and foundation that makes this publication special and appreciated by all, who regularly read it, from the board room, to the retail sales lady at a counter near you.

    Thirty years and still going strong, we all wish continued success to the publication and its owner, Lorraine, who works very hard in a changing market place to maintain excitement and a personal touch.”

    Kenneth Green, Chairman, Kenneth Green Associates


    “Esprit Magazine has been an invaluable go-to publication for industry news, profiles, jobs and contacts, an essential guide to what is happening in the industry across all aspects of beauty and grooming. Many congratulations of 30 years of beauty news and communication!”

    Lesley Chivers, Freelance PR Communications & Events Consultant, Lesley Chivers PR


    “Lorraine and esprit Magazine has been incredibly supportive of the industry’s charity, Look Good Feel Better. From donating pages to persuading companies to donate to the charity through advertising at Copra events – they are generous with their time and expertise. Esprit’s articles keep everyone up to speed with launches and industry news and we wish them many more successful years.”

    Sarahjane Robertson, Executive Director, Look Good Feel Better


    “My first dealings with esprit Magazine were in 1989 with the launch of the Milano Cento Fragrance for Men. Esprit certainly helped us find our market through advertising and editorial and also Lorraine’s enthusiasm and energy for the perfume and beauty market.”

    Dean Tatum, Director, Milano Cento


    “Esprit was the first of its type. It has always balanced industry news with glamour and substance – engendering a feel-good, upbeat experience. The fact it has been the pinnacle of industry news for 30 years is a testament of its relevance and importance.”

    Roja Dove, Perfumer & Fragrance Specialist


    “I am pleased to say that I remember the exciting early days of the

    start-up of esprit Magazine; amazing, some 30 years ago now. Esprit Magazine was then and still is now a purveyor of up to date beauty industry business news for all to read. It’s a magazine that’s read by Managing Directors to those important sales girls on the shop floor. It’s a tool for our industry to get across its important product and activity information to the right people. My only wish is for more pages to read! Long live esprit Magazine.”

    Alan S Taylor, CEO, Scentimental Limited


    “It has been my pleasure and privilege to work with Lorraine and esprit for well over 6 years, mainly in my capacity as a regular columnist for the magazine. I had, of course, been aware of the publication long before I started writing for it and I was familiar with its reputation. Quite rightly, it was – and continues to be – the top professional publication in the country in its particular field, bringing a reliable supply of invaluable information to the very people who enable the beauty industry to function and achieve success.

    My involvement with esprit is evidence of Lorraine’s forward-thinking attitude and her drive to push the publication into unexplored territories. Six years ago, the decision to assign a regular column to someone who – until then – was known chiefly for a blog may have seemed like a rash move. However, fast forward to 2018 and we see the importance and influence of internet-based content-producers in every sphere of the beauty and fragrance sector. As in so many other cases, Lorraine saw this trend coming and capitalised on it before most others did.

    In all my dealings with her, I have found Lorraine to be charming, professional and knowledgeable. As an editor, she is supportive, encouraging and open-minded. I consider it an honour to write for her magazine and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with even a fleeting interest in the beauty industry.”

    Dariush Alavi, Independent Writing Professional, Persolaise


    “Esprit has always reflected the heart and soul of the UK beauty industry, championing achievements within businesses from boardroom to shop floor, and we are always delighted to be included within the magazine.”

    Cecile Budge, Shiseido Group Country General Manager, Shiseido, UK & Ireland


    “Lorraine and Maria offer such great support to the beauty industry through esprit, keeping us up to date with the latest news and events.”

    Sarah Duguid, PR & Marketing Director, Sisley Paris


    “Lorraine and her team are a pleasure to work with, their knowledge of the industry and brands is unrivalled. The magazine is excellent with great inspirational stories, industry news and products and they always take the time to come to an event and support brands with a big smile. Can’t recommend the magazine more highly from advertising in it to purely enjoying reading it.”

    Wendy Campling, Managing Director, Sparkle PR Ltd


    “As the owner of one of the UK’s most respected independent perfumeries, esprit has been my fragrance bible for decades. The editorial content not only informs us of the latest releases, but identifies the many different trends in fragrance, collating and analysing the statistics from across the industry. I also enjoy the balance – esprit is a democratic publication that recognises the value and talent in the many different markets within the world of fragrance. Add to this the obvious passion of the editorial team, the high standards of journalism and a unique voice that not only informs us as professionals but inspires us as individuals with new ideas, concepts and talents, and there is no finer publication.

    For those of us that worship at the altar of fine fragrance and are lucky enough to call it career, esprit keeps our fingers on perfume’s pulse.”

    Michael Donovan, Owner of the Roullier White Perfumery and Creative Director, St Giles Fine Fragrance.


    “I have known and worked with Lorraine for over 30 years, I have always found her and the team at esprit to be passionate, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable about the beauty industry, which shines through in every issue of the magazine.”

    Fiona Dowal, Director, The Dowal Walker Agency


    “I am delighted to be able to support esprit. The service received from Lorraine, Maria and the team has been invaluable. Long may our fantastic relationship continue!”

    Sanjay Vadera, CEO, The Fragrance Shop


    “Esprit is always quick off the mark, insightful, engaging and fun. An absolute bible for the UK beauty industry.”

    James Massey, Managing Director, The Massey Partnership


    “It is a pleasure to have been a recipient and on occasions participant in what I believe is a wonderful communication and informative publication.

    Lorraine Wilson-Morris certainly lives and breathes the title “esprit”. Surrounded by a fabulous team she manages to bring this publication to life telling us what the brands are all up to and what is worth noting in the luxury beauty market. Lorraine’s “spirit” personifies the “esprit” of the magazine. She works tirelessly to produce and feature all that the industry is interested in. Her work ethic is second to none and with that endless energy she excites us every month.

    The magazine has seen many changes in the last 30 years and has conveyed them in a positive and beautiful manner.

    It has been such an important part and reflection of the change in beauty to modern day.

    A considerate and passionate individual leading a passionate and hard-working team.

    Thank you esprit for being part of this amazing industry and keeping us all informed.”

    Lorna McKay, Co-Founder, The Perfume Society


    “Esprit Magazine always thrive on reporting the most up to date news and have been one of our most desired business magazines for the last 30 years. I have known Lorraine Wilson-Morris for many years and she has always been extremely supportive with myself and my company over the years. We wish her and esprit Magazine the very best for the future and would like to thank them for the incredible service they have delivered each time.”

    Azzi Glasser, Founder and Creative Director, The Perfumer’s Story


    “I have known Lorraine for some time, like most people I suspect in our industry, and have always appreciated that you were for me one of the first “serious” Beauty Magazines.

    I would just say thank you particularly Lorraine for your help and support, which I recognise again in my role at Copra.”

    David Elliott, Business development Director, Voisins Department Store Ltd


    “Since meeting Lorraine, I’ve been overwhelmed at her knowledge and experience of the fragrance and beauty industry. It speaks volumes when you’re able to seek out someone with such dedication to, and understanding of the business. It’s testament to her knowledge and strength that esprit Magazine has been so successful, and lasted so long. In many ways, Lorraine – and esprit – are the original ‘influencers’ in this area of the industry.”

    Darren Scott, Editor, Weekend Magazine at Trinity Mirror/Northern & Shell


    “Espirt is the bible of the beauty industry! Always full of interesting features and industry news, Lorraine is the most amazing editor and every year esprit just gets better! Always relevant and keeping up with the changing world of beauty!”

    Nina Dunbar Johnson, Managing Director, Wizard Publicity


  7. This is the sister publication to esprit, which lists over 2000 companies and brands within the British and Irish beauty business for distributors, associations and suppliers. esprit is aiming to have the Directory available online. Please check our website for further announcements.

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