A Chance to express your mood

Chanel has introduced a set of three Limited Edition Shimmering Scented Gels in the delectable Chance aroma. Choose from Chance Eau Tendre, which offers a soft and tender moment; Chance Eau Fraîche that creates a fresh and sparkling effect, while Chance Eau Vive procures an energizing and vivifying sensation.

Presented in a set of small, round bottles, these three shimmering gels offer a new way to illuminate the skin and delicately perfume the neck, the décolleté, and the inside of the wrists.

These three travel-friendly shimmering gels are perfect for perfuming touch-ups on the go. 

The Limited Edition Chanel Chance Three Moods (3 x 5g) retails at £60 and is available nationwide.Gel Scintillant Chance Eau Tendre, Chance Eau Vive, Chance Eau FraîcheAlso, Chanel is offering 150ml Limited Editions in Chance Eau De Toilette Spray; Chance Eau Fraiche Spray; Chance Eau Tendre Spray; And Chance Eau Tendre Spray, retailing at £140 each.